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  • Mon, 14:06: @amazingradio @cosmicoceanrain : When we start recording some new #immeressen tracks, this would be a great place to send our music to.
  • Mon, 14:49: Americans die in smaller portions each year, but what kills us is changing. <-- This is disturbing and fascinating.
  • Mon, 20:13: I'm exhausted today. Spent most of it sleeping, going through Doctor Who compendium, or watching Doctor Who. Walking dogs = hard. So tired.
  • Mon, 21:16: Is it okay that I'm crying to the #DoctorWho's "A Good Man Goes To War" ending? Can I chalk it up to my exhaustion & #FMS & hip pain? #pussy
  • Mon, 21:18: #DoctorWho marathon again, so straight through to "Let's Kill Hitler." & hope that it doesn't make me cry even more. More laughter, please.
  • Mon, 21:28: By the way, I love #stevenmoffat for his writing. But musicians trump writers. Writers trump glassblowers. All trump techies. #privatejokes
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