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Tonight was the first night somebody actually was under the bridge (without a dog) where we walk the dogs and he just stopped by the post when Femme Pois barked and stared at me the entire rest of the time until I got out from under the bridge. I had my flashlight and dog poop in a bag so I could've protected myself, but it was weird.

Four years here and that's the first time Femme Pois barked and alerted me to an actual possible danger. Normally she's just being a brat or protecting against harmless types, but this looked like a fairly sturdy, scary, shadowy man lurking in the dog walk area under the overpass.

Jonathan Kyle and Leslie L, I blame you for jinxing my usual safe area. All this talk of conspiracies and possible danger!

Okay, back to my normal skeptical frame of mind.

It WAS creepy.

Pay no attention to the man under the bridge.
He will not kidnap me and tattoo weird circles on my back...
shit. I wish J. and I had been there to protect you.