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What I wrote to two men on different dating/hookup sites tonight:

"Well, I don't mind serial murderers that promise to give me a chance to update my will and plan a home for my dogs. Oh, and make sure I'm totally drugged asleep before starting anything. Necrophiliac murderers I suppose would be best. Or cannibalistic. Seriously just make sure I'm well drugged.


"So...not to be rude, but you're on Tinder to cheat? At least emotionally because the person you're with is not healthy for you, but you have nowhere else to go at present?

Or do you have children and fear leaving due to that?

I've had a few interesting discussions and made a friend who I actually hung out with IRL! So I'm giving it a "GrindR for straight people" vote, though you can choose what sex you can get matched with if you want to change it.

To me "Hot or Not" was pure high school ridiculousness where you couldn't ever talk to or meet the person you were rating. I went to the site maybe twice for five minutes and thought it was mean and stupid.

This is a more casual sex oriented OKC as far as I can tell. Though by allowing us profiles we can thus proclaim our lack of interest in that should we wish."

I wonder how each of them will respond to my poking at them via the whole social media dating site thing...I actually have a ton of bad stuff going on in my life and in my head, but this distracts me at least enough to keep me tolerable. I do need to write more when I'm not choking on my bile.

Like now.


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