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I washed the Sphynx.

I fed the dogs.

I played some of my games.

I started my online class (repeat).

I started my kombucha brewing.

I began putting things away.

Not a bad start for a few hours home.

Time for dinner and then bed.
I didn't even know you were in the hospital! What happened? Are you going to be all right?
I went into a mental hospital (twice) this summer. I pretty much hit an all-time low and went rather than doing self-harm. I'm on a lot of anti-depressants now and it seems to be helping. I also did a ton of group therapy in a PHP and an IOP. So, yeah, I think I'll be alright, but I honestly still feel a bit on the edge of this deep depression. How are YOU doing?
fine, except I miss you and some of my other friends who I haven't heard from in months and every time I see anything in the news it's all bad and if that asshole Trump wins I'm moving to Canada or Ireland.
I miss you. I miss Oakland. It's nice being here, though. The roads and weather aren't great, but the people and the food and the culture all are. It's a good place to visit (*hint* *hint*). You're always welcome here. You and Jeremiah could Greyhound it here at the very worst, right?

Canada or Ireland are my first two choices too. I'd also consider Auckland. Hopefully it won't happen.
I had a terrible experience on Greyhound traveling a much shorter distance. If I had $$ for a train or plane ticket that'd be entirely different. Jeremiah is moving in three months so I can't speak for him.