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I think that the two hours I spent yesterday standing around (I only ended up making three "sno cones") is the first "real" job I've had since 2001. With the two other gigs my friend has for me I'll be actually filling out my first IRS form in 15 years in January (taxes are one of the few things I don't procrastinate on).
Also, I don't want to jinx it, but a job thing on the computer at home has responded well to my application. I interview on Tuesday. It means upgrading my computer situation at home, but it will pay for it. Plus, having it on my resume will help me in the future. Still want to be a professional fermenter, who maybe helps people with mental illnesses with a Psych degree, but in the interim, a job would be nice.

On an entirely different note, I sold my 30D and I'm planning on buying either a used 60D or a used 5DMarkII to replace it. It's an investment, but I'm hoping to actually start taking pictures professionally. Not just this one gig already booked for the beginning of December. There's more work out there for me, I just need to hone in on it and make it happen.
Tags: gigs, jobs, life goals, photography

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